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Looking Ahead: Planning Your 2009 Campaigns
October 7, 2008, 1:41 pm
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By Hibben Silvo, Editor

Our parents and teachers told us time and time again not to procrastinate, and now that 2009 is around the corner the same advice applies.   With the economy in bad shape, and no clear improvement in sight, planning ahead is even more important than ever.  Many companies are quick to cut their marketing and advertising budgets when times get tough, but this can be the most costly move of all. MarketingSherpa Publisher Todd Lebo says that, “If marketers want to flourish regardless of the economy, they need to justify each and every marketing tactic.  There is a surprising amount of change in how companies plan to spend their marketing dollars in 2009.”  These changes are positive but it is also increasingly necessary to plan advertising campaigns with efficiency in mind; every dollar has to count.

At Adcision, the publishers of this newsletter, we pride ourselves on offering our advertisers transparency, targeting and optimization.  It’s ‘Advertising 101’ that a targeted campaign will yield better results than one in which an ad appears on just any website.  This is especially the case in the luxury market, you must ensure that your ad is being seen by consumers who can afford premium products and services.  Transparency and optimization takes a targeted campaign to the next level.  The ability to control which sites your ads appear on, how many impressions are dedicated to each site, and to edit and optimize throughout the campaign will ensure that your budget is being spent efficiently.

Creativity is key and the Internet is filled with a never-ending source of possibilities.  It’s a relatively untapped resource, especially by advertisers who often think their only options lie within traditional display advertising.  Adcision encourages our advertisers to think outside the box when planning their campaigns.  There is unlimited potential; from new ad formats (ad widgets, video, etc.) to page and event sponsorships.  There are even dedicated email blasts and sponsored posts and e-newsletters available.  These are just a few ways to promote your brand on the Internet and we welcome and challenge you to come up with your own.

Don’t just think outside the box, but think outside the United States.  There are growing luxury Markets in India and China.  Global chief executives of Mediaedge:cia Worldwide Ltd (MEC) and MPG have recognized the value of these markets and recently spent time in India planning their business strategies for the coming year. I hope that many others can identify the benefits of investing in these markets and follow suit.

If all these reasons haven’t inspired you to start planning ahead then here’s another: some publishers will allow you to book 2008 rates for 2009 if you reserve space before January 1st.  Just because you are a premium advertiser does not mean you can’t bargain hunt.  By booking now you not only save money but you secure premium ad space so that you are guaranteed to run on the sites and pages of the greatest value to you.  So, plan now, book now, and you will have a little extra room in your budget for an extra e-newsletter sponsorship or a few dedicated email blasts.

Here is a summary of our advice for planning your 2009 campaigns:
–    The economy is bad, but that doesn’t mean your advertising campaign has to reflect that – targeting,       transparency, and optimization are key.
–    Creativity will get you noticed – don’t feel locked in to traditional display advertising.
–    New Markets mean new business – the United States isn’t the only affluent audience on the web.
–    The early bird special looks better every day – plan and book ahead of time to secure 2008 rates.
–    Consider Adcision Luxury Media as a new channel for reaching affluent consumers.  Call us at 703-837-0870.


Publisher Spotlight: Lift Magazine
October 7, 2008, 1:36 pm
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Publisher Spotlight:

Each month we will be featuring luxury consumer websites, ad agencies, marketing firms and the people behind their success. This month we interviewed Tanya Ryno of LIFT Magazine.
By Hibben Silvo, Editor

Tanya Ryno claims that she is in pursuit of the 25-hour day, well with several years under her belt as a producer for Saturday Night Live, a writer for Weblogs Inc., a photographer, a movie on the Sundance Channel, and a phenomenal fitness website to boot, I think it’s safe to say she has found it. Tanya is the founder of a site called LIFT Magazine; it is dedicated to those with a keen sense of adventure and a zest for fitness and the outdoors. Lift features the most up to date and top of the line fitness equipment and gadgets along with spotlights on individual athletes (both professional and amateur), fun facts, and other outside-the-box tidbits (Lingerie Football League anyone?).

Tanya took a moment out of her 25-hour day to answer some of our questions about herself and LIFT. On a second thought, she was most likely also running a marathon, cooking dinner, and scouring the web for great new articles to share with the site’s followers. Here are her answers below:

Biography: As an established film/tv producer, an entrepreneur, a photographer by hobby and a writer who is continually in search of the 25-hour day, I live by my own motto by working hard and playing harder.

Adcision: Why did you launch and what need has it fulfilled?

Tanya: I originally launched LIFT Magazine to help out my husband’s business … but it soon took on a life of its own and expanded with an audience that kept coming back for more.

My mission is to give a fresh perspective and strong voice to any product or person that brings exciting innovations to our lives and encourages us to get off our lazy asses and enjoy the luxuries that life has to offer.

LIFT quickly became a web magazine for the adventurer in all of us (not necessarily the gym goer) — urban men and women who work hard and play harder. And, LIFT readers have reached a time in their lives when they have the means, passion, health, and experience to enjoy what life has to offer. They love challenges, appreciate quality, and pursue excellence.

Adcision: Which three brands are you the most proud to have run on your site?

Virgin Charter, Johnny Walker and Diane Von Furstenberg

Adcision: If you could only have one advertiser on your site, which would it be?

Virgin Charter or any advertiser that represents a lifestyle filled with fun … a product that represents the exciting side of luxury.

Adcision: Give me an example of something your readers discovered on your site that they probably wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

I often give examples of motivation that you won’t find anywhere else … fitness isn’t about living at the gym, it’s about living at your peak, no matter what stands in your way. It’s about obeying the alarm clock, peeling yourself out of bed, and finding that extra hour most people think they’ll never have. I show you how other successful people do that, and I do it without preaching.

Adcision: Please describe a typical visitor to your site — what he/she is like, what motivates them to visit, what engages them while they are there.

I stated this above, but it most accurately describes my reader: , LIFT readers have reached a time in their lives when they have the means, passion, health, and experience to enjoy what life has to offer. They love challenges, appreciate quality, and pursue excellence.

Adcision: Does your site have any unique features that you’re proud of?

Well, LIFT TV is coming soon. But other than that, the content is what I’m most proud of.

Adcision: What do you wish more people knew about your “publication”?

That it’s not only interesting but it’s funny. I try to write with a sense of humor.

Adcision: Have you heard of any interesting transactions that have occurred as a result of your site?

A number of my readers actually purchase items that I post about. I’m always surprised to hear that someone has bought something and mainly because of the way that I wrote about it. – This shows me the power of the written word and reminds me of the pressure to be as accurate as I can when writing about something I like.

Adcision: Can you namedrop… any well-known persons engaged with your site?

Specifically I know of a few celebrities who have visited my site and I know that a number of other popular sites, constantly contact me for design advice.

In regard to celebrities, often the ones that I interview write to me stating that they enjoying reading my site … I hope that they continue to come back.

Adcision: What is the best source of traffic to your website?

Referral links. Other sites who link to my posts. Women’s Health Magazine, REAL SIMPLE Magazine, and Kineda all have LIFT Magazine listed in their “Blogs we love” section. I always receive a lot of traffic from them.

Adcision: How do you get your content?

Research, research, research! And, now that I’ve grown, I’ve actually started to create original content by interviewing people that my readers are interested in.

Adcision: What’s the best article (or feature) that you have ever run on your site … and why do you think it was so popular (Please include a URL if possible)?

My most popular articles are articles about products.

I believe it’s because people are looking for honest answers about products before they decide to purchase or not.

Adcision: Please share some demographic information about your audience (i.e. average home value, average HHI, male/female ratio, etc.)

50/50 Male to Female … infact, Male readers have increased by 20 percent over the last year. In a survey that I once ran, the average reader was high income of $75,000 plus.

Adcision: What is the most vexing issue facing your business right now?

Trying to figure out how to integrate video into my format and expanding my network … I’m in the process of starting another upscale blog called CANVAS … it will be a daily look at modern beauty (i.e. plastic surgery and beauty).

Adcision: Other than your own, what are some favorite luxury oriented sites you like?

Adcision: What is your definition of luxury?

It’s a lifestyle choice, something that is an indulgence rather than a necessity … something that is hard to obtain, but worth the effort.

Adcision: Where do you see the industry headed?

No matter how the economy turns, there will always be a high-class market. It’s about BRANDING.

Adcision: What are your goals for 2008?

To expand my brand and my network … to continue to provide interesting subject matter to an audience who is looking for it.