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June 30, 2008, 10:13 pm
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The World’s First Ever Search Engine For Online Media Professionals — Free Service Enables Real Time Competitive Analysis of Online Advertising By Devin Herbers, Editor

It’s true, time IS money. (!)Yureekah, the world’s first search engine for the online media industry, allows you to identify where all your competitors are advertising, thus saving you time AND money. Why didn’t someone come up with this before?

Fortunately for us, Vishal Sharma and Devaraj Southworth came to the rescue by founding (!)Yureekah in April of this year. The site allows you to search through ads that run on millions of portals hourly and use that information to decide how to advertise in the portals that best fit your brand — irrespective of geography, language, and time zone.

(!)Yureekah’s mission is to organize the world’s online advertising information and make it universally accessible and useful. More
specifically (!)Yureekah will serve as a single gateway for all online advertising, and as a real-time
information resource for the millions of online media professionals, advertisers, and
small business owners.

I had the opportunity to ask Vishal a few questions. Check out his answers below:

What is your definition of Luxury?

I believe that luxury is a piece of perpetuity here on earth. This is a aspiration, a dream to which we are always striving. Since perpetuity on this earth is not actually possible, it is a dream that we pursue even though – or perhaps because – it is unreachable or never enough.

However the day you realize “I’m worth it”, it becomes accessible and it’s a whole new world. You seem to live in a world of reality and enjoy yourself and luxury would be habit versus a necessity.

What advice do you have for Luxury Marketers?

It is an interesting time for luxury marketers as the consumer today believes that he is worth a life which he wants and hence there is potentially a huge market for them than ever before. The Web2.0 propels this mood as well. I suggest luxury marketers must see this as a great opportunity and allow
consumers to talk amongst themselves . A lot of brands today are getting into corporate blogging which I think might be good as it allows your consumers to share their views and this allows them what I call “spiral marketing.”

The future will also see a lot of social media behavior and this is where Luxury Marketers need to device mass strategy versus individual consumer acquisition strategies. The future also calls for a lot continued viral branding efforts which would include carrying the same message across online, out of home(OOH) & mobile platforms.


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